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Weight Gain, Weight Loss


I spent the past two months not really dieting well, due to camping trips, stress, weekend activities (it’s amazing how a weekend activity will screw up a whole weeks worth of eating), and just not making good choices at the grocery store.

I did pretty well, actually, since I kind of stopped exercising regularly at that point as well.  I only regained 1.5 pounds in that time, which as I know could very well be fluctuation in water or whatever.  I credit this toward being correctly diagnosed with a thyroid disorder.  If I weren’t on that little pill every morning, I (a.) wouldn’t have lost almost 19 pounds, and (b.) would have regained it in the past two months.

At any rate, I’m back on my low carb diet, because it’s the only diet I can seem to remotely follow; every other diet gives me too many options, my will power can’t stand those extra points that might allow me a cookie or keeping tabs on every calorie that goes into my mouth.  It’s so much easier to just eat meat, cheese, veggies, berries, salads, home made low carb soups, and get on with my life.  Yes, there is some planning involved.

I don’t have a weight that fluctuates that much throughout the day, and doesn’t change with exercise, only with good eating.  Exercise will help me tone, but I have gained weight when eating poorly and exercising regularly.  And stress, don’t even get me started on stress.  Which, I know exercise helps stress.

Anyway, I’ve lost a couple pounds this weeks.  I started at 222.2 back in January, and my scale said 203.4 (on the Wii Fit) a couple days ago.  I would really like to get below 200 by the end of October.  My weight stabilized (I really thought I was going to regain, and was happy that didn’t happen)

I haven’t been below 200 since 2010 when unemployment stress made me gain 15 pounds that I haven’t been able to shake since.  Plus some, over the past few years.  I think a total of 25 pounds?  So my initial goal is simply to get back down to my weight prior to being fired and having stress.  Which was around 195.  I’d like to meet that goal by the end of 2014.

My 2015 goal will be to get back down to my pre-return-to-college weight of 174, which was in 2003.  Eventually more than that, and I know if I eat right consistently, it’ll happen faster.  I’m really curious as to what my total gone for 2014 will be.  I hope I don’t lose it around Halloween and start chowing down like a hamster on speed and don’t stop until January 1.  that will make me sad indeed.

Oh, and when I hit 174, I plan to get a new tattoo.  Yes, my reward for pain and suffering is more pain and suffering.  And permanent artwork.

May the next two month be better than the last two months!