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Pets Past and Present


I mentioned my first pet, my guinea pig Fluffy, for my “F” post.  We had a dog when I was small, a cocker spaniel named Puff.  I think it was a cocker spaniel.  I could be wrong about that.  But when I was in junior high, we got a cute collie blend in black and white, and she was also named Puff.

She was a true alpha dog.  I think now that I know better, she would scare me now a little.

Growing up, we had a myriad of guinea pigs, gerbils, the occasional turtle or chameleon.  My brother had a cockatiel for a bit.  I can’t remember what he or she was named.

My grandparents had a St. Bernard named Brandy.  Then they got this little weird dog and named him Chomps after the robot dog from the movie, if you remember that from the ’80’s.  After that, they had a collie they named Max.

My brother had a dog named Sarah, and I took her, and now she’s buddies with my dog Harley, who looks pretty fierce when she’s running up to you, barking, with her hackles up, but has never bitten anyone or anything that I know of, with the exception of Sarah, when they are play-fighting.  We have two guinea pigs, Nutter Butter and Bolt, and a hermit crab we just call 8 ball, because that’s what was painted on it’s shell when we got it, and he’s pretty boring for the most part.  And, a little creepy, because his legs move and are many.  He reminds me of a spider at times.  I hate spiders.

I’m sure I’m missing some of my former pets (Lucy, Peggy and Sandy, Pepsi, Tabby, Flirt, Cleo, Hellraiser, Barfy, Cuddly, to name a few), and I truly hope there’s an animal heaven so I’ll get to see them again someday.