Monthly Archives: June 2017

Changing careers is difficult


I’m still working in the world of physical therapy, and my negative mindset right now is such that I feel like I’m accruing student debt and I’m never going to pay it off and I’m never going to work in a new field of work.

I’m on hiatus right now until August, and I only have 6 more classes to go.   That part is good.  The bad part is I’ve been shot down for every internship and management job I’ve applied for.  I’m not shooting for the stars here; I looking at management trainee and HR management intern jobs.  I would love to get a job as a change management analyst, but those are few and far between and I have very little management experience.

I’m making pretty good money now and hopefully I can afford to take on a new job that will probably pay less than what I’m making now.

First, I need to lose the attitude.  At least I’m aware that I have an attitude.  Most people aren’t, from what I can tell.