Can’t believe I haven’t written since February.


I’ve been taking my college classes.  I’m getting my degree in Leadership, with a management minor.  I’ve learned a lot, but by the time I’m done trying to get all the schoolwork done, I’m burned out being on the computer.  I haven’t had an actual break since Christmas break till this past week.  I didn’t turn on my computer all week except to download books from Amazon.  (I’m reading a Christian romance series called Three Rivers Ranch series, by Liz Isaacs.  I got the first two for free on  I have aced all my classes except for intro to Management by the sheer fact that it was duller than the knife used by the dude who couldn’t cut that really soft thing. (Bad metaphor, my creative side has been on hiatus).

Anyway.  Life has been crazy, taking me round bends I’d never have expected.  Nor wished for, but God leads us to it, and through it, and all that.  As I keep telling my patients, ‘this too shall pass’.  Another cliche, but whatever, that doesn’t take away from the general idea, right?

This morning, I’m supposed to start Business Law and Business Communication, and not really looking forward to this semester.  The communication class will probably be a smidge more interesting, but Business Law?  That sounds dryer that that thing that laid out in Death Valley in the middle of the dry season for months on end.  (I really will work on those metaphors).

I guess I’ll see you right about Thanksgiving unless these classes have less time-consuming reading than I expect.

I forgot for a minute how much I miss writing.








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