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I just want to get in my car and drive anywhere but here.  


So I’m not allowed to have an opinion?


I just had a facebook slap from a black woman I considered to be my friend because I dared to make a comment about Beyonce, and how people can blow it up however, it’s art and in the interpretation.

I’m not a Beyonce fan.  Does that make me a racist?

I’m an art fan.  I don’t particularly believe that politics and art go together, regardless of skin color, gender, weight, or any other physical attribute said artist might have.

When we stop having these conversations and getting offended over every little thing, only then will racism stop.

I don’t see it happening.  Not any time soon.  Black, to me, is a physical description.  Going off on me because I have an opinion?  Well, now I have a new opinion on her character.

I’m just gonna let this go now.  Un-followed.


Suburban (apparently delusional) white girl.