Monthly Archives: December 2015

Long time no write


Wow.  I can’t believe how busy things have been this past 6 weeks.  I went to Arizona to visit my dad in the hospital back at Thanksgiving.  He’s spent both Thanksgiving and Christmas at the hospital.  Apparently he’s going home again today.  Hopefully he will stay there.

I finished my college classes, (got all A’s lol) and am signed up for the next semester.  Sometimes I’m not sure I can handle this pace for the next two or whatever years.  There aren’t many breaks and I go through the summer too.  So if I go on a week long vacation, I need to go somewhere with wifi so I can work on my assignments as needed.  Though I only have two classes over the summer and they aren’t concurrent, so that should feel like a piece of cake after the three I just finished.

I feel a little at loose ends, and had moments where I wish I’d done Nanowrimo instead of going back to college.  Pulled the thread of that dream instead of going for this one.

There’s never really a correct choice, is there?  You do one thing and put something else on hold.  Or you make another decision and it changes everything.  Or not.  No matter what I do, I’m always going to second guess myself.  If you read back through my blog, me going back to college was a decision that I thought about for a long time, and ended up putting it off for a year.  I haven’t make the long term decision to do this career path (leadership, with a management minor), but I’ve committed to going through the summer at least.  If I take some of these classes and hate it, then I may just stop.  Then I’ll have to start looking for a new job again.

Speaking of which, my boss just offered me a raise, as my two year review (which consisted of her e-mailing me and saying, “Good job the past two years, look forward to many more, and here, have a $1.50 an hour raise.”  LOL

Anyway.  Money isn’t everything.  Consistent work, and appreciation from my boss, and a fairly flexible schedule when I have stuff I need to do are good things.  I’m not happy there though.  I’m not clicking with the current batch of office staff (though blink and that will change).  But I’m blessed.  I got through the holidays with a little excess, had gifts bought in a timely manner, did little decorating beyond hanging stockings and putting up a tree.  But I had fun.  Little grandbaby is so stinking cute.  He’s five and a half months old now.  It’s pretty crowded in this house right now and really hoping that’s temporary.

Anyway, I haven’t written anything lately from a creative POV.  I should probably do a little before the next semester starts and crushes my creativity again.