Monthly Archives: October 2015

Drawing 10/14


  I think the shading is starting to come back to me.  Pretty rough.


So much to do….


And maybe enough time to do it in.  So, lots going on in my life.

  1.  I’m going back to college.  I start online classes in about 2 weeks.  Workplace diversity and conflict management are my first 2 classes.
  2.  I went on a job interview today.  Not sure how I feel about the place or the position, but the time off/year might be worth it.
  3. I’m taking an art class, starting next week.  I haven’t drawn in a very long while, so I’m super excited.
  4. I wasn’t going to try to do Nanowrimo this year due to all of the above, but the first scene to the last book in the series popped into my head this morning.  Not sure I’m going to have time for 50000 words, let alone blogging on here, but I may give it a try if the story continues to unfold in my head.

Nothing worse than having to work a full time job that requires me to think, when the muse is flowing well.

Grandbaby is cute.  Daughter #2 is going to her first homecoming on Saturday.  Husband got a new job that he seems to really like.  If I could pay off my bills, things would be perfectly content for awhile.

Have a great day, all!