Monthly Archives: August 2015

Feeling so sad today.


Probably just hormones.

Or maybe I made a person very special to me sad, and I’m sad that she’s sad, and we talked and all is forgiven, and there was really no right way to go about what happened, but there was always going to be someone who would think that it was wrong, no matter what happened.

I suppose I need to just make peace with it, but instead I’m being angry at the world; it’s easier to be angry than to cry.

Or maybe it’s all the changes happening around here in the past couple months, and the stress is catching up to me.  Or a combination thereof.

Or, you know, hormones.





walking home from work the other day, holding the peach I didn’t have time to eat while working.  Soft, firm, with a fine, almost imperceptible coat of fuzz covering the exterior.  I held it occasionally to my nose, inhaling the sweet, summery scent into my being.  Visually pleasing, I stole glances at the perfectly blushing orange shade as I strolled.  I held onto the anticipation of the taste that peach would hold, sweet, sensual, warm.  When I did eat it finally, the first juicy bite met all my expectations.  I didn’t take a picture of that luscious and succulent peach.  But here is its sister.   

I’m thinking another peach experience will be happening soon.


Time to think about writing, the future, etc…


Now that my grandbaby is here, and I don’t have to worry about my daughter and him getting safely through the process (a blog post for another day), I’ve been thinking again about college.  About writing.  About any number of things.

National Novel Writing Month will be around the corner, and it’s time for me to start thinking about the last book of my trilogy.  The first one is named Finding the Curse.  The second one is named Oakley’s Drop.  I don’t know what the third one is going to be called, but it’s about a woman who is running from her second sight sort of abilities.  Unfortunately, these abilities tend to go with her where ever she is.  I have no idea how this is going to end, though.

I have another story, untitled as of yet, that has been going through my mind lately as well.

So many stories, so little time.  I haven’t written much since the blog-a-day thing back in April.  I miss it.  I couldn’t concentrate on it while life was in transition though.  Now that things are settling down, I want to get back to it.

Just have so much desire, and so little follow through.

I’m pretty content with life at the moment though.  I hope you all are, too.