Micro-epiphany time.


This story is so non-story that if you don’t feel like reading nothing, stop now.

You have been warned.

Okay.  So I started walking a mile when I get up in the morning to get a jump start on my pedometer climb to 10000 steps.  Which I rarely make, by the way.  I try to enjoy the morning sun (or clouds, as it were, this morning), the fresh early breeze (or stagnant 93% humidity, whatever), and the feel of my muscles pounding the pavement (and the claw of hunger dragging its nails in my belly and slowing me down).

Basically, I go up and down my street.  The street is a half mile long, and so a full lap takes me to a mile.

This particular morning, a woman in a small sized sedan, pull into the cross walk as I was about to cross.  No, she didn’t almost hit me.  I just thought it incredibly rude to pull into the crosswalk when someone is standing right there with a white WALK symbol right there.  In fact, I mentally called her an idiot.

Let me preface this by saying that there’s this thing I do to prevent road rage.  My own road rage, not anyone else’s.  When someone cuts me off, or whatever else annoys me while I’m driving, I make up a story in my head.  Maybe they have a family emergency.  Maybe they are late for an appointment at the proctologist.

That didn’t work today.  I couldn’t think of a single good reason for someone to block me at the cross walk, slowing down my power walk.

So I prayed a brief prayer of forgiveness for calling her an idiot.  At first I tried to do what most humans do.  “But if she hadn’t….”  “It’s not my fault.  Someone else….”  Prayerfully passing the buck, we’ll call it.

Also one of my biggest pet peeves.  In real life, I own up if I’ve made a mistake.  But don’t expect me to take the fall for someone else.

So then I confessed the next sin, of trying to lay the blame on the wonderfully kind woman in the car that simply didn’t see me in my bright pink t-shirt and truly didn’t me to mini-interrupt my morning constitutional.  The second oldest sin in the book.  Adam blamed Eve for making him eat the apple, remember?  It’s not my fault!  My brain fought with me the whole time, too.

So.  Yeah.  To sum up.  Took a walk.  Got cut off.  Prayed.

I told you it wasn’t very interesting.



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  1. That’s a good response to road rage – making up a story that explains the other person’s ‘idiocy’. And I do call people ‘idiots’ sometimes; it’s hard to help it, though I do modify that with ‘idiot made in God’s image’, LOL.

    Sadly, my husband was in an accident yesterday due to the actions of one of these people. He wasn’t hurt, but the car is only a few months old 😦

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