Tahquamenon Falls


I haven’t been to the Tahquamenon Falls since 2002.  I remember the year, because my younger daughter was just a little baby and it was her first camping trip.  We stayed at Muskallonge Lake State Park, which is in Michigan’s upper Peninsula, right off of Lake Superior.

I like Tahquamenon Falls.  It’s not for the weak or faint of heart though.  If you can put on enough Deet to get through the clouds of mosquitoes, then there’s a small adventure waiting for you.  And stairs.  Lots of ’em.  I hope you love stairs.

I really need to go back soon, since my younger daughter never truly experienced it.  It’s about a 6 hour drive from here.  We could leave at 6 am one day, drive up, walk around, stay the night, and then drive home the next day, right?

So, there’s this place by the lower falls where you can take a row boat across, and you end of on the cool island that the river flows around.  It’s pretty awesome, with some shallow areas one can wade it, and this cool spot where you can have your picture taken and it looks like the water is thundering all around, but you’re perfectly dry.

We had a family portrait done at that spot, and I want to go back next year with the family and do it again, with my daughter’s boyfriend and the baby, if they all want to come.

Anyway, when you’re on the boat, and you look down into the water, it’s totally black.  You can’t see anything on the bottom.  Quite creepy, but adds to the sense of adventure.

I may be in my 40’s, but I love a little adventure.

If I can find my pics, I’ll come back and update this post with them.  Also, I spent the day thinking I was on “S” for the A-Z challenge, and was quite surprised when I came here and had to improv something for “T”.

I’m really not good at this.



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