Monthly Archives: February 2015

Changing my attitude


Like, really. I read over old posts and I’ve been so anxious about work and family matters and money and whatever, that I wasn’t taking the time to spend with God.

First, I recognized the fact that I was lacking in this area. Then, I repented of that sin and have been making more of an attempt. Not just praying though. Reading my Bible. Spending time silently with God, trying to hear His will for me.

Well, so far I’m having enough of a time just trying to keep my mind quiet and to block out negative thoughts and energy, however, my attitude at work and at home have changed. I’m no longer coming home to whine about my job, instead, I’m feeling blessed to have work. I’m no longer letting my co-workers affect me with their negativity as much. I try to turn their attitudes, but I’m pretty sure I’m coming off as annoying at times.

But that’s okay. I can only change what’s inside me. Actually, that’s incorrect. Only God can change me, if I allow Him to work in me.

And small changes make a huge difference, even though nothing has actually changed. It’s all about spending time with God.