Monthly Archives: April 2014

What’s going on with me…


I haven’t posted in almost a month, just sorting through things.

Today is my birthday!  I’m 41 today.

41 is a good year, I think.  There’s none of that pressure one feels when one turns 40, or even 30 in my case.  Because the first digit of one’s age is SO important as opposed to good health and just doing a good job with work and faith and family, right? 

Anyway, my older daughter has 17 school days left total for high school. 

Daughter #2 will probably have about 3 weeks after that.

I’ve decided, after all of my angst, NOT to return to college.  Probably because it was so angsty.  If I’m not sure that it’s the right choice, and I have to waffle between decisions constantly, annoying both myself and my readers (assuming, lol, I just visualize any regular readers I might have yelling at the screen when they read my posts regarding that: “SHUT UP AND MAKE A DECISION ALREADY!!!!!”

I have been walking daily, and have lost 12.5 pounds this year.  I’m going to do a weekly blog on hiking trails in southeast Michigan.  I’m sure it’s been done before, but whatever, it’ll be done from my unique standpoint.

I still haven’t finished my novel.  I don’t know where I’m going with that.  If I can’t revise this one, how am I ever going to finish any long work?  I only have about 28 rough draft pages to go through, so I just need to suck it up and work for 30 minutes a day until I get it done.

What else is going on?  My parents will be visiting in a few weeks.  I’ve got some camping trips coming up this summer.  I’ll link to my new blog when I start it next week. 

Have a great Sunday, everyone!


It’s so hard to follow my dreams


As you know (if you read my blog on a regular basis), I’ve been deliberating on returning to college for a creative writing degree to get back to “the dream” which is being a writer. 

There are so many thoughts that go through my head as I move through this process. 

1.  Can you really afford to do this?

2.  Do you really have the time to do this?

3.  Is a degree in creative writing going to actually be worth it?  Or “would you like fries with that?

4.  How much time will this take away from my life?

5.  Is my job going to support this decision?

I have already set up the financial aid, and am prepped to start a new phase of my life in August.  The actual plan in place at this moment is to take two classes in the fall semester, and two in the winter, and not to think too hard past that at this point.  If I think it’s not worth my time/money/effort based on a series of fine tuned questions that I will develop in the future after I start doing this.

I guess another question is, if I DON”T go back to college, what then?  Then I’m stuck doing this job that I have right now (in one aspect or another) for the rest of my life? 

Unacceptable.  People don’t grow old doing what I do; it takes a physical toll on a body.  And I’m not getting any younger.  I feel like I’ve already made a choice here, to go back.  I’ll give the creative writing this a year, and then I’ll decide if I want to continue down that path.  Honestly though, I haven’t written creatively in about a month.  I’m not sure I have what it takes to write as a career.

And yes, I’m saying that while I already work a full time job.  I suppose if I could make a living from it that would be a different matter.

Anyway, thanks for listening to the thoughts that have been traipsing through my head since I found out I got financial aid approved last week.